What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is the most cost-effective hosting solution on the market, essentially shared hosting allows multiple websites to utilise a single server. You will generally have no idea who you are sharing the resources of the server with. Each customer will be allocated a limit on the server resources they can use, and this is defined by your hosting package.

While shared hosting is by far the most economical option for smaller low traffic websites the cheaper price comes with limitations, and we will cover that bellow.

Advantages of shared hosting

  • By far shared hosting is going to be the cheapest option available to you.
  • You can always scale your hosting once your needs change, so you are not always stuck with shared hosting once you start.
  • Shared hosting packages come equipped with a cPanel control panel, and many other powerful plugins/tools that can be extremely useful in helping you start up and manage your website.
  • All the technical maintenance including updates, security patches etc will be handled for you as this is all part of the initial package.

Put in simple terms – a shared hosting option is perfect for someone with a low budget or anyone else just getting started online. You can always upgrade your hosting package at anytime once your needs change so if you are unsure on which option to select, shared hosting could be the best place for you to start.

Disadvantages of shared hosting

  • The load time of your website will be significantly higher than that of a VPS or Dedicated server.
  • The server may become overwhelmed by other sites you are sharing the server with.
  • You never truly know who you are sharing the server with, and while rare, in some cases other sites on the server may pose a risk to your own site. (although these sites will be shut down, they still pose a short-term risk)
  • A lack of customisation features allowing you to truly tailor the performance of the server to the needs of your website.

For almost anyone just looking to get started online the advantages of shared hosting greatly outweigh the disadvantages and makes for a perfect low-cost solution. Especially for those who are looking to get a website online as quickly as possible with essentially no technical knowledge required.